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Ben “The Gifts that Keep on Giving” Teal

For People Who Want to Shed Ugly Body Fat But Can’t Get Started
From Fitness Expert Ben Teal

I’m giving away 2+ things – first, is a 4 Module Video Course that includes:

Module 1: Create a Concrete Plan with the 4 M’s

Module 2: 4 Super Simple Ways to Stay Motivated

Module 3: Little Used Secret Burn More Fat 24-Hours Per Day

Module 4: 7 Easy Steps to Melting Fat Permanently

The second is a report called “Why Most Efforts to Lose Fat Permanently Are Dead On Arrival The Day They Start… And How to Make Sure Yours Isn’t One of Them!” It’s a 17-page, meat filled report to help get you shedding fat.

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Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning
From Fitness Expert Forest Vance

Forest Vance

Beat Boring Cardio and Kick Your Fat Loss Into Overdrive with 7 of Forest’s Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning Workouts

Inside this special offer, you’ll learn how to lose fat, gain lean muscle, and transform your body – with kettlebells!

Find inside:

  • 7 fat-scorching, shirt-soaking KB cardio workouts to change up your boring cardio routine and kick your fat loss into overdrive
  • The BEST way to program your kettlebell cardio workouts for maximum results in minimum time
  • Detailed instruction on every kettlebell exercise to make sure you’re using 100% safe and effective form
  • Bonus videos and kettlebell training tips to squeeze every ounce of “fat loss power” out of each exercise and workout
  • And much more …

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Incinerate belly fat and get ripped fast with this one of a kind “Get Ripped Pack.”
From Fitness Expert Dennis Heenan


Inside these four resources you will learn:

  • The 7 “depletion” workouts you must do in order to push your anaerobic limits in under 4-minutes.
  • 10 “No Excuse” workouts designed to push your mind and body through 100% bodyweight only workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere… No excuses!
  • 7 fat burning approved desserts that allow your body to continually burn fat even while you eat these delicious tasting desserts.
  • Learn about the 7 BEST post workout meals that will allow your body to build up sexy lean muscle, while eliminating the ugly belly fat at the same time.

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Get Great Legs!
From Fitness Expert Niall Traynor

Niall Traynor

Take advantage of 7 FREE follow-along videos! 
  • leg-sculpting workouts
  • melts fat fast
  • builds muscle in all the right places
  • creates the foundation for great legs

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Are You Tired of Dieting?
Fat Burning, Mouth-Watering
Healthy Recipes 
From Nutrition Coach Daniel Woodrum and Brittney Williams


Destroy Fat With These SIMPLE Healthy Recipes:

Inside this special offer you’ll get Daniel Woodrum’s personal favorite BS-free recipes. Kiss your bland and tasteless “diet meal” of chicken breast and broccoli goodbye!

Why This Cookbook is so Awesome:

The Keep It Simple & Healthy Cookbook helps you prepare easy fat-burning meals in 3 ways…

All the recipes can be done in less than 30 minutes and don’t require any “fancy” ingredients.

It asks for healthy ingredients instead of the crap most recipe books will tell you to put in your meals.

The recipes are so delicious that you might find yourself becoming addicted.

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